Alvarez Letter To Attorney General

Attorney General Horne:

We are writing to you today, with a sincere request that in your office investigation recent actions taken/made by the Glendale City Council and its respective members in relation to the operation/management of Arena, contracts with ICEARIZONA (and affiliated companies/investors), and efforts to persuade the NHL, investors, and potential owners of the Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Franchise to keep the team in the City of Glendale.

It is our opinion that the recent actions taken by the City of Glendale’s leadership may have violated the city’s charter which calls for, in no uncertain terms, a period of review for major changes to an item, contract, or agreement coming before the city council for a vote. We are also unclear, because of the unorthodox nature of the agreement and because its development/finalization occurred simultaneously with a public meeting, if the Glendale City Council actually/lawfully voted on the contract in the manner in which they are required to do so.

Additionally, it has come to our attention that individual members of the Glendale City Council may have undeclared conflicts of interest, financials ties, and the expectation of gain in regards to the financing of reelections efforts related to this recent agreement. The existence of these issues warrants an objective review and if violations of state law preventing public officials from voting on items on items where a conflict of interest is present do exists and are revealed, prosecution or appropriate disciplinary action would be merited.

Additionally, the terms of this recent agreement appear to be in direct violation of state law preventing municipalities from entering into contracts that financially or unfairly benefit private business or individuals. State laws related to “gifts” address whether the cost to tax-payers out-weighs the benefits of such agreements. In the case of Glendale, it is clear that this particular contract costs the city more than it can ever expect in repayments or returns.

The behavior of members of the Glendale City Council is also of concern, particularity related to statements made to the media and the public that could be in violation of the state’s open-meeting laws. This is a serious issue present in this matter and a major factor in the loss of integrity in the negotiations process between city leaders and potential private business partners.  IT has also come to our attention that members of the council may have violated EOE and EEOC policies during the process of hiring a new city manager.  Supplemental information will be provided to your office regarding this issue in an independent complaint.

Lastly, in the days following the city’s decision many members of the public have come forward expressing dismay at the choice of some city leaders to dive the municipality towards fiscal insolvency, in the name of maintaining a professional sports-team presence.  The city, Mr. Horne, is broke. Libraries are shortening hours and preparing plans to close, parks and infrastructure are under-maintained, community centers have closed, and most recently the city’s bond investment leaders have expressed fact-based fears surrounding the new contract and whether or not Glendale will survive the terms of this lopsided deal.

We ask that your office create a special Public Corruption and Investigation Taskforce specifically to review the recent financial operations and administrative actions of the City of Glendale and its council.  We ask, in the name of the People of Glendale, that you investigate the lawfulness of these recent actions.  We hope ACTION is taken soon and feel that it is within the jurisdiction and ability of your office to review this matter.  We trust you will do just that and do not feel, at this time, the need to call for any federal intervention.

In Progress and With Anticipation of Immediate Action,

Hon. Norma S. Alvarez, Glendale city Council Member (Ocotillo District)
Rev. Jarret Maupin, Progressive Christian Coalition
Rev John Torres, New Life Community Church of Glendale

I belive (sic) most of the complaints in this letter are correct, and need to be investigated.  Ken Jones

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