Republicans Touting Freedom of Speech is a Red Herring

Public health experts worldwide have offered explicit warnings against large public gatherings, especially indoors. In those environments, the same experts insist upon two basic mitigation measures; as much distance as possible between people and wearing decently fitted masks covering the mouth and nose. A well attended rally at an indoor venue would obviously make social […]

Trump Touts Background Checks Changes to Include Mental Illness

In the wake of two mass shootings within 14 hours with 29 victims dead, discussions of gun violence in the United States and background checks have once again taken center stage. That’s part of what has become the normal progression of dealing with mass shootings in our nation. The simple fact there exists enough of […]

A Big Day in Grammar School

Week One Prompt:“Share some primary school memories.” I began my scholastic career at George Washington School in White Plains, NY. As you can see, it was easy walking distance from our house (now hidden by the tree canopy) on Todd’s Pond. When I was ready to head to fourth grade, Mom and Dad decided it […]

Arizona Teacher: I’ll Believe It When I See It

The following is is the view of a teacher in Arizona with 15+ years of experience, one who has worked in multiple capacities in the Cave Creek Unified School District. The following are his words regarding the recent proposal from Governor Ducey in the face of the #RedForEd movement for more realistic salaries in Arizona […]