Logitech Harmony Smart Control is a Home Run

We’ve had our Logitech Harmony Smart Control hub and remote for a long time, long enough that it isn’t even for sale anymore in the configuration we have. The remote is so old the printing is wearing off the remote. What We Needed and Wanted Our requirements for a “universal remote” are: It has to control a […]

Samsung SmartThings Hub (v2) – Really Good

The most common challenge to automate a home is tying pieces together from multiple vendors and the Samsung Smarthings hub is up to the challenge. The SmartThings hub is the best combination of ease of use and interoperability on the market today. Installation and setup of the hub is simple, although your grandmother might need […]

Echo Dot – Versatile and Inexpensive Voice Control

The Amazon Echo Dot is a smaller, less expensive but just as effective little brother to the full size Amazon Echo. For providing voice control of home automation products regardless of manufacturer, there may be no better product to “rule them all” than the Echo Dot. Setup Amazon setup instructions here. You need a device connected […]

Obamacare Lesson Coming in Minnesota

Minnesota is preparing a state plan to deliver health insurance premium assistance to citizens adversely effected by premium spikes for 2017 ACA plans. This is a good thing, a response to a real problem that may impact 120,000 Minnesotans. If one is astute and wants to actually do the work necessary to read the actual […]