Recall Petitions to be Circulated in Glendale

There are now two committees in place to recall Glendale (AZ) Councilmember Bart Turner and Councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff. Both members were elected in the November 4, 2014 election. The committees were formed by four Glendale citizens. Reasons for Recall The 200 word summary, a required component when forming a recal committee, is intended to summarize the reasoning behind […]

Rock Bottom For The Coyotes? Nah…

The Coyotes were trounced by the Winnipeg Jets last night. The afterparty interviews with Coach Tippett and Captain Doan were predictably about accountability, same as they ineffectively were after the last loss (to the Ducks) of a poor home stand. There’s been fan backlash over the last series of games, plenty of opinions about who […]

Amy’s Baking Company, and the Coyotes

You can’t make this stuff up. The latest craziness discussion will require YOU to do some work, I’ll wait while you Google (or Bing) “Amy’s Baking Company” and read some of the results. Click here if you’re REALLY lazy and want one sample. Wow, huh? Yup, wow. So, how do you “fix” such a nightmare? There are […]

Cobb Says Voters Don’t Matter, AT ALL!

As the petition signing for the anti-Coyotes petition (yes, that’s what I’m going to call it from now on) continues, the rap of Ken Jones and Joe Cobb when soliciting signatures has morphed over time to fit their needs. The first idea they were using was along the lines of “Libraries or Coyotes”, stating that […]