Grumpy Byfuglien Is Over The Line

The former Atlanta Thrashers are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They earned the spot with their play, performing well enough to make the current Stanley Cup Champion Kings to eat their dust. Partial credit for the team reaching the playoffs certainly has to go to Dustin Byfuglien skating as a defenseman. Byfuglien plays a heavy game, players […]

Hey Giblin – Get Bent Again

If only #Glendale taxpayers gave the #Coyotes more money, the team could afford announcers that don’t bite cops: — Paul Giblin (@PaulGiblinAriz) March 27, 2015 Raw class. This isn’t the first in the Get Bent series for Paul, click here for one from a bit over a year ago or search these pages for […]

The Dread Coyotes Out Clause

The Arizona Coyotes held a Town Hall featuring GM Don Maloney and Co-Owner, President, CEO & Alternate Governor Anthony LeBlanc yesterday, one day after publishing a $16.458M loss number for the first fiscal year under new ownership. A business operating in the red is rarely good news, in the case of a severely distressed business […]

Vegas Wants Hockey – Ticket Prices

The proposed season ticket price plans for the Las Vegas NHL hockey team are public. Season ticket deposits will be accepted starting at $150 per seat, fully refundable if the organization isn’t awarded an NHL team. The following email hit the inbox at the Nebulous Verbosity international corporate headquarters today: George, Thank you for your […]