Pay Fewer Taxes This Year!

Section 179 of the Tax Code H. R. 5297 which became effective on 27 September 2010  (also known as The Small business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010) has had a substantial impact on Section 179 of the tax code. The biggest impact is the limits have been increased (almost doubled) allowing business to deduct the […]

Big Fat Liars, CCHIT and the ARRA EMR Incentives

It should be noted that currently there is NO CCHIT certification that qualifies any EMR / EHR to collect ARRA HITECH funds. If, as a potential buyer of an electronic medical records product, you have been informed that a CCHIT certification qualifies software for ARRA funding, you have been misinformed either deliberately or simply by a vendor undereducated in the regulations affecting their industry.

Who owns EHR/EMR Patient Record Accuracy Liability?

Who will ‘own’ the liability for any potential medical ‘breach of duty’ and/or injury caused by said breach if medical decisions were made based on inaccurate data NOT under the control of the provider being accused of malpractice.

CCHIT lobbying for Federal HITECH nod

CCHIT lobbying for Federal HITECH nod