Westgate Parking Garage

There are plans afoot for Glendale to build a $46 million Westgate parking garage. Critics of the parking garage project abound, after all that’s a bunch of money being spent in an area where a bunch of money has already been spent. Many of the critics aren’t aware of or choose to ignore the history […]

Rules Aren’t for Hirsch

You would think receiving a letter that levied a $75,000 fine against your organization would get your attention and maintain it for awhile. In the case of the chairman and treasurer of three Glendale political committees? Not so much. File The Reports Independent expenditure (IE) and political action committees (PAC) must file campaign finance reports for every […]

Second Anti-Casino PAC Likely To Be Fined $65k

One of the political action committees (PACs) opposing the Tohono O’dham casino in Glendale is likely to follow the tracks of their “sister” PAC and be fined by Glendale, according to a letter from the Glendale City Clerk. Reasonable Cause A campaign finance reporting complaint was lodged by this author on October 6 against “No More Bad […]

Sherwood Recall Effort Doomed From The Start

The Glendale City Clerk notified the “Recall Councilman Gary Sherwood” (RCGS) political action committee that the 398 sheets of petitions they handed in December 19 were all being rejected because the format of the sheets and the information on them was wrong. A rejection of this sort means the signatures on those sheets, the ones […]