The Philadelphia Flyers, having been completely destroyed by the Ovechkinless Capitals in a 7-0 loss on Friday, resorted to their Broad Street Bullies persona to answer being made to look like idiots. They’re already stinging from having their coach fired and being tied with Edmonton for second WORST record in the NHL. After goal seven, Wayne Simmonds touched […]

Mandatory Visor Rule? Duh.

The NHL General Manager’s meeting yesterday (March 20, 2013) included serious discussion of implementing a mandatory visor rule in the NHL. With the recent emphasis on concussion safety in the league, bringing in another rule designed to protect a bunch of expensive melons should be (ahem) a no-brainer. The NHLPA seems to be swinging in the […]

Note To Dan Bickley: Get Bent

Dan… We don’t know each other, probably never will. I don’t usually read your prose, in fact never, but I am interested in what other Coyotes fans have to say. It seemed your name was coming up in an unflattering context. Again. So, I decided to let you earn a click on me as I read your […]

Cobb Says Voters Don’t Matter, AT ALL!

As the petition signing for the anti-Coyotes petition (yes, that’s what I’m going to call it from now on) continues, the rap of Ken Jones and Joe Cobb when soliciting signatures has morphed over time to fit their needs. The first idea they were using was along the lines of “Libraries or Coyotes”, stating that […]