Fear is Personal and Real

Social media is abuzz with people dismissing fears expressed by others concerned with where the next Presidential regime will take the United States and how it will affect them. Protesters marching the streets of cities across the country are being characterized as babies, wimps, whiners, and sore losers. The list of reported racist incidents after […]

How’s T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas?

We attended a Billy Joel concert in the newly opened T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, April 30. The show was great, Billy never phones it in and he played for about 2 ½ hours without a break. But, what’s the arena like? We know hockey fans everywhere are wondering. Outside The exterior of the T-Mobile Arena […]

As a Matter of Fact, Facts Matter

There’s a bit of misinformation floating around that should be cleared up. Coyotes and Glendale Payments The following from a local blog: The Coyotes payment of $1M bond and the city quarterly arena management payment of $3.75M are linked together and are to be paid concurrently. Neither has been paid to date. The Coyotes paid […]

Wow, That’s A Stretch!

Glendale First!, Bea Wyatt, and I (among others) were the subject of a recent derogatory blog post punctuated by a plethora of question marks. When you’re in public life, the best advice is clearly to ignore inflammatory personal posts, to let them enjoy a couple days of extra clicks as they fade back into the background noise. “Discipline over […]