The Outrage of Laziness

It’s no secret that social media is riddled with a wealth of misinformation. Popular social media outlets provide an easily accessible and inexpensive avenue for people to forward their agenda, often by fomenting outrage with incomplete and/or inaccurate information. There’s a great deal of confidence that most people won’t do any fact checking, accepting inflammatory headlines and snippets disguised as “news” blindly. That confidence is […]

Idaho Pile Of Corpses Contest

Salmon, Idaho is in a beautiful part of the US. Our family usually stops further south in Stanley to be closer to the Sawtooth Mountains, but Salmon is frequently on our summer vacation route. Not that it will matter much to the gross income of Salmon, but we’ll be certain to gas up and be full […]

Progress Amidst The Noise

It’s the end of another year. It was a pretty decent year for our extended family. Many of us, I am as guilty as any other, wasted time with swirling, divisive and conflicting sentiments about Obamacare, Duck Dynasty, Miley Cyrus and a myriad of other short attention span events. Pervasive social media and lack of mental filters […]

My First New Year’s Resolution

I woke up, clear-headed, last night from a dream I had, realizing I had a New Year resolution to make. It wasn’t a nightmare, it wasn’t really much of anything, yet it woke me up impressed. I’m older than many, wiser than few, so take what I say with as many grains of salt as you […]