Democrats Blow Arizona Opportunity

The State Senator race for Arizona Legislative District 15 was won by the Republicans on August 4, 2020. The general election November 3 will have no effect on the outcome. The same is true for three other Arizona districts. The Democratic Party ignored Arizona LD15, handing an uncontested victory to a hard line right wing […]

Trump Defunding Social Security and Medicare

The title of this post is purposefully a bit misleading. Something along the lines of “Is Working Hard To Defund” would be more accurate, but much less clickable. We will all know the result before much longer. The current president is strongly and publicly supporting cutting the funding mechanism for both Social Security and Medicare. […]

Trump Blows Racist Dog Whistle Loud and Clear

Wisconsin was the target market for the first Donald Trump “tele-rally” on July 17. The “rally” was a rambling 23 minute recording of the current president played to a list of telephone numbers. Let’s Talk White Property Values Featured toward the end of the recording was a word salad of information that should be very […]

Republicans Touting Freedom of Speech is a Red Herring

Public health experts worldwide have offered explicit warnings against large public gatherings, especially indoors. In those environments, the same experts insist upon two basic mitigation measures; as much distance as possible between people and wearing decently fitted masks covering the mouth and nose. A well attended rally at an indoor venue would obviously make social […]