Goldwater Hopes Misguided

As we wind down 2012, the arena management agreement between the City of Glendale and Hockey Partners is approved, signed and delivered. That’s another giant step toward the Coyotes bright future in Glendale completed successfully. The R-12-02 referendum halfhearted and error laden attempt by Ken Jones and Francine Romesburg followed the similarly error filled R-12-01 attempt into failure, this time they didn’t even […]

Gift Clause? Nope.

December 28, 2012 Now that the final attempt at a referendum to kill the Phoenix Coyotes has failed, there remain few hopes for the opponents of the Coyotes. Something that has been bandied about social media is the threat that Goldwater Institute will sue the City of Glendale once all parts of the sale of […]

20 Questions For Goldwater Institute

July 27, 2012 I have tried several avenues to get a chance to ask a representative of Goldwater Institute a few questions that would help clear up what I think are anomalies in reality versus public statements, mostly regarding the now over three year Coyotes fiasco. There has never been a clear statement from Goldwater […]

Goldwater Institute Blows It

July 24, 2012 Early in the morning, deep in the Sawtooth Wilderness of Idaho during the twilight hours normally reserved for the dark struggles of nocturnal hunters and their prey, our hero the aging yet young at heart curmudgeon awakes with a startling realization that promises to ruin his much needed vacation slumber for the balance of the […]