Life With a Neato Botvac Robot Vacuum

We have a Neato robot vacuum (a BotVac 75 to be precise) named Hazel, and we love her. We live in an under 2000 square foot single story home in Arizona on a dirt road with complete xeriscape (no water) landscaping. We have five kids, four of which have moved out and rarely contribute to the dirt in the house. We […]

Secure Medical Messaging – Eliminate Faxing

HIPAA privacy rules have existed in the US since 1996 to protect the privacy of health information. One of the greatest challenges presented to the medical industry by HIPAA is how to communicate information between healthcare providers and patients (and between providers) without compromising HIPAA regulations. Secure Medical Messaging Options Email is, essentially, out of […]

Secret Android Speedup WORKS

I’ll admit I have yet to perform any scientific calculations on the effectiveness of the following change, I’d have to test it and then revert to the prior setup on my devices to do it correctly. Seat of the pants? This is a great change. You’ll need to have Android KitKat 4.4.2 on your device […]

Coin – One Digital Credit Card To Rule Them All

Hobbitses (and humans) will all be wanting one of these all-in-one digital credit card gizmos since they can’t get their hands on “the ring”. Falling easily for the fifty percent off hype, I already pre-ordered mine. Since they won’t start shipping until Summer 2014, I may not even have it in time for our summer family vacation. […]