Coyotes Rumor Roundup – February 2014

February 7, 2014

Hanging proudly in our hallway

Hanging proudly in our hallway

Two points on the line against the Blackhawks, two more tomorrow night against the Stars (who are looking to steal the Coyotes potential playoff spot).Tyson: “I don’t want to hear a peep out of them (Blackhawks fans) tonight.” None of us do.

Remember we have a celebration of the 1980 Olympic “Miracle On Ice” USA hockey team tonight, so the extra Hawks fans in the standing room only barn will have an extra hour to drink, thus lubing up their annoyance factor.

There’s not much Coyotes fans can do to shut them down other than sing loudly during the anthem and counter any chants with a #BattleHowl or anything else loud. We’ll be doing our part from the top of section 121.

We all know the only real way to shut them up is to win, so score early and score often, please. Since the Hyde Coyotes showed up for the last game against the Stars, we’re due for the Jekyll Coyotes that shut down the Penguins.

Patrick Kane will be missing from this game to attend to some family business.

The goalies are Smitty versus Crawford.

February 6, 2014

Will Huge Blackhawks, er Jets Fans Attend?

Who needs Gnomes when you have gigantic Trolls?

Blackhawks and “Miracle on Ice” tomorrow. Big stuff, it will be a great night at the arena. You really need to be there. If current “win one, lose one” history is any indication, the Coyotes will be bringing their “A” game for a win.

If you look at the standings, the Wild Card playoff race is closing up. The Canuckleheads (63 pts) are puking all over themselves and the Stars (62 pts), Jets (61 pts) and Predators (59 pts) are all breathing down the necks of the 62 point Coyotes. The straw fans are grasping at, games in hand, is dwindling.

So, this Hawks game and the Stars game on Saturday are pretty important to win.

The Kings are climbing down the standings as well, so with Vancouver beginning their slide early, there remains a chance for the Coyotes to snag the last Pacific Division slot instead of the Wild Card berth that seems more likely.

At least Doaner will get some rest and hopefully be back up to speed after the Olympic break for the final 24 games of the season.

Will Yandle revise his inspirational speech to “We can’t lose on Gnome Day”?


February 3, 2014

Stars tomorrow, Smitty gets the start. The Coyotes have a good shot at shouldering their way back into the playoff fray before the Olympic break if they win the three difficult upcoming games against the Stars and the Blackhawks. The refrain I keep hearing from my inner voice (“Okay, just play like you did against the Penguins and you GOT this thing!”) sounds realistic, especially since the Canucks will be playing four on the road at the same time. I am just guessing, but I think there is a LOT riding on the Coyotes placement in the standings when the Olympic break rolls around. I think it’s possible the decision which side of the buyer or seller fence the wheeling and dealing will be focused will happen after the next three Coyotes games.


My most active memory of that game wouldn’t fit in 140 characters. I was at work doing my job as a VW dealership sales manager. Once the game started, I avoided ALL media outlets until it was time to head home and watch the game in prime time. Everything in or near the showroom was off, even the background elevator music designed to soothe the savage VW customer and lull them into a new Rabbit. Everybody in the building was great about keeping quiet about the score if they knew it. I even remembered to be sure the radio was off in my car (a Todd Walsh approved Scirocco) so it didn’t have the potential to blurt the score when I started my car to head home. I left early enough to make the hour drive home in plenty of time to watch every minute of the game. As soon as I walked in the door at home, SOMEBODY blabbed the news and spoiled the surprise. Oddly, though, knowing the final score the entire time had almost no effect on my head nearly exploding when the “Do you believe in miracles?” question came across the air. What a nationwide shared experience, millions of people wanted to wrap themselves in American flags that day.

February 2, 2014

We Love Counting Cars

We Love Counting Cars

Great day at the rink yesterday, right? A sold out, standing room only 17,362 person crowd watched the Penguins go down in flames. Sidney was a non event, OEL handled everything with a spectacular game that frustrated Malkin so much he took a stupid bench penalty cursing at the zebras and then later had a “discussion” with OEL who handled him like a boss. Like a boss. Smitty came to play with the save to the left, perfectly aligned with our seats in the arena. I KNEW it was going in, it was like a slow motion replay, but Smitty came up with a glove save. Like a boss. Oh yeah, besides doing his usual thing shutting down world class forwards and blocking shots like, well quite frankly like an idiot with no regard for his health, Z planted one behind Fleury with a great shot. Yup, like a boss. Plus, there’s this:

The usual suspects did a great job recapping the game, no sense doing it again here. Uber trolls Darcy and Andy Marwick were trolling the parking lots in their Jets sweaters, presumably counting cars. They were high fiving Pens fans. I have no idea if they ventured into the arena, it’s unlikely they would actually pay for a ticket. We’ll probably hear their in depth analysis of the parking situation in their allotted six minutes (three minutes times two) at the next Glendale City Council meeting. Everybody needs a hobby, right? The Town Hall was pretty cool, too.

February 1, 2014

Malkin prepares to follow Crosby at diving practice this morning

Malkin follows Crosby at diving practice this morning

The game against the Penguins today will be standing room only, Arena packed to the rafters and loud. Trolls will again offer comments in the “it’s all Penguins fans”, but it’s just a broken record. Maybe one day the donkey population will realize we live in a resort area and visitors are a good part of our livelihood. Taylor Pyatt, skating on the Penguins fourth line, will be back in the building to draw the wimmens away from Antoine temporarily to the opposing end of the ice for warmups. It’s actually impressive that over 17,000 people will be watching hockey while a gigantic PGS golf tournament is going on at the same time on the other side of the Valley that will draw perhaps 100,000 people in one day. The Grilled Cheese Truck and the Traveling Monk food trucks will be on hand. Last time I ordered from the Monk, this time I’m going with the Cheesy Mac and Rib. Follow @GCTPhoenix  and @TravelingMonkAZ George Gosbee, Anthony LeBlanc and Don Maloney will be having a Town Hall today during the tailgating festivities in Lot G.

See you there, Coyotes brothers and sisters.