Coyotes Rumor Roundup – Oct. 2013

October 30, 2013

What a game last night! The wounded Coyotes manhandled the hated LA Kings all night. Smitty had 41 saves, Andy Miele was the first star of the night and Kyle Chipchura got himself a Gordie Howe hat trick.

We heard from our son in Michigan (who was forced to watch the LA feed) that the LA tv guys were whining about how dirty the Coyotes played. Really? Then explain how Rob Klinkhammer ended up with FOUR MINUTES for the below “high sticking” call and an ensuing roughing and Doughty didn’t get called for embellishment (like any King ever was called for that weird especially since we hear they employ an actual diving coach) for the episode below.

You can check with Doughty to be sure he’s okay after that devastating blow to the head from the Colonel on Twitter at @dewyy8, I’m sure we’re all concerned for his welfare.

Drew Doughty dives like a champ

Click here for a link to some 2013-2014 attendance graphs from our friend @Fishbert

October 23, 2013

Friend Dawn Monaghan points out an interesting factoid, a Sports Illustrated curse in reverse.

The featured player on the Coyotes/Wings program was Mike Smith. What did he do? Killed it all night and then finished up with a GOAL. Yes, a goalie goal.

Fast forward to last night’s game against the Flames. The featured player was Mike Ribeiro, who put two into the back of the net. Beyond that, he was making a difference and being scary every time he was on the ice.

Who will be on the program for Saturday’s game against the Oilers?

October 20, 2013

The Coyotes dropped two goals to the hated Red Wings and then woke up and wiped the ice with them like bosses. We know Wings fans always smell like dead fish is in their pants, but when they have to go home with smuggled octopus in their drawers it smells like Victory.

And then there’s Smitty, had to change my FB banner today.


October 18, 2013

derklinkhammerThe Coyotes are in Disneyland to meet the only team named for an animal that’s less intimidating than the Pittsburgh team with the “face of hockey” playing on their team.

The Ducks have gotten a good start this year, and are NO JOKE. But the Coyotes aren’t, either, so it should be a good heavy hitting game. With the newfound fame of Rob Klinkhammer, no doubt because of the video posted for October 13, we figured it was time to put the poster stock out there. So, click here for an 18×24 version and click here for an 8×10 version, feel free to print it as is or modify it or mess with it in any fashion as desired. We know nothing.

There’s even an entire line of clothing, click here for that. We hear that Rob was watching the success of the OEL line of fine undies and is testing the waters for his own, more affordable line of gear. If you’ve ordered your OEL pants, have they been held up at the docks waiting for the necessary immigration documentation? Just curious.

If the shirts fly, and when the Colonel gets his OEL size contract, the prices will surely be jacked skyward, so get yours NOW.

klinkquizThere’s a quiz, too! Describe how the small image on the left (click it to embiggen) relates to the Klinkhammer image and you’ll win the admiration of your peers. You could even use the comment box below.

Tailgating tomorrow, be there or be square.

October 13, 2013

The Coyotes respond to being destroyed by the Sharks and the Islanders on their five game road trip with three convincing wins in a row. The strength of the team is in their leadership and the contributions of every line. There are no stars on the team, everybody has to contribute. Please also note the Captain snagged a couple points today, but MY first star of the game is the guy in the below video. Oh, and Vermette is playing like his pants are on fire, in a good way (other than the penalties).

October 9, 2013

The Coyotes respond to being destroyed by the Islanders because of their lackluster performance with a couple roster mover. Lessio and Brown go to Maine, Yip and Kennedy move up.

October 8, 2013

Tonight the Coyotes play the Islanders. The last time the Islanders played the Coyotes, Captain (capital “C”) Shane Doan got his first hat trick and the whole arena went crazy.

Some things just need to be popularized. Beat LA. Why? Because LA sucks, of course.

October 3, 2013

Tonight is the night many Coyotes fans honestly never thought would come, the season opening game for the Coyotes without a cloud of impending doom tinting the future. It’s been a long, strange trip to get here.

Tonight we’ll get a little more choked up than usual when Patrick Lauder sings the National Anthem. He might, too, hope he makes it through.

thugsTonight, we have a new ownership group that has been in close touch with US since they closed the deal. Lots of us have had the opportunity to shake the hands of people in the ownership group, express our concerns, offer our ideas and talk hockey. How cool is that? Really cool.

From all appearances and despite local and northern naysayers and skeptics, these guys are hockey people and are, to coin a phrase, “Here To Stay”.

Tonight is the night Gary Bettman will enter the arena to be greeted with cheers instead of boos. The Rangers fans in attendance, and booing, don’t have a chance. The mayor of Glendale might have a different reception.

An indisputable fact is that some of the ownership guys were involved in the Coyotes sale from the beginning of the bankruptcy fiasco, learning from their mistakes and those of others. These guys have ALREADY been “around” for over four years pursuing the purchase of the Coyotes. They stuck it out and kept punching until they won. Since they’ve won, there has been nothing but a LOT of work and a lot of progress towards the goal of repairing the Coyotes franchise and making the team a viable business in Glendale.

The deal between Ice Arizona and the City of Glendale is, for the city, the best one ever put on the table. The risk of failure is spread between the parties and the onus for providing that success rests on the shoulders of Ice Arizona. As it should.

As Arizona fans, this is the first time in a very long time we’ve had an ownership group in place that understands the importance of PEOPLE like Don Maloney, Dave Tippett and Shane Doan to the nature and thus the long term success of the team. This is the ownership group that, overloaded with successful businessmen from financial and other industries, resolved that shortcoming by bringing in partners partners and staff to complete the package in arena management and the business of hockey.

It’s a recipe for success, and most of us have complete confidence that success will come. And, it starts tonight.

Tonight is the final opening game for the Phoenix Coyotes. Next year, and for the foreseeable future, the Arizona Coyotes will be taking the ice. Next year, Arizona Coyotes license plates will be all over the Valley and the parking lots at the arena.

That's our Captain
The First Domino

Tonight is the first time the longest tenured Captain (with a capital “C”) in the NHL will play in a world class hockey venue with stable ownership. Remember, the Winnipeg Jets were already on their way out of town by the time our Captain joined. Tonight is part of the big payoff our Captain has earned with his loyalty and drive. We’ll have goosebumps for US, but we’ll also feel them for Shane Doan. He’s quoted in yesterday’s NY Times article “Finally Secure in the Desert, the Coyotes Devote Their Focus to the Ice“:

“You don’t have to answer questions all the time — not just from the media, but from friends, even family members,” he said. “Not having to deal with that elephant in the room is great. We can just play hockey.”

Yup, drop the puck.

Today’s the day Coyotes Rumor Roundup enters semi-retirement. There’s plenty of people and places that cover the hockey side of the Coyotes really well, you know who they are. The political and ridiculous side of the Coyotes story is over now, as is the need for a place for that sort of information without the filter of a negative spin.

We’ll be at the top of Section 121 on the blue line instead of city council meetings. See you at the rink, Coyotes brothers and sisters!

Hungrier Than Ever
Hungrier Than Ever