Coyotes Rumor Roundup – Sept. 2013

September 12, 2013

Looks like the long term outlook for Glendale and Westgate continues to improve. It would be impossible to argue that the Coyotes sticking around for the foreseeable future wasn’t an instrumental factor in the new business coming into Westgate. This piece on the AZ Family (not to be confused with AZ Central) site says:

“Buffalo Wild Wings, Whiskey Rose, IT’SUGAR, and Razzleberriez all opened their doors within the last month.”

Imagine that, the Coyotes deal closes and four new places open up in Westgate.

The Coyotes also announced today that they’re switching radio stations to 620 KTAR, 92.3 KTAR FM and KMVP 860 AM.

To celebrate the new business, a chucklehead on the station followed up his interview with Anthony LeBlanc with some typical negative opinion about “out clauses” and parking. Why? Maybe to jack his nonexistent rep for being an actual reporter with some “hard hitting commentary” the whole town is tired of hearing.

You can’t make this stuff up.

September 11, 2013

On this somber day in the US, life goes on. The Coyotes are in the middle of their press day, players coaches and staff are all available for interviews and photos, videos are being shot. Everybody is there except star Dman OEL, who apparently has an immigration issue that Coyotes brass, specifically GMDM, aren’t very happy about.

At least OEL’s underwear business is cooking. #UndierThanEver?

Immigration Pants Down
Immigration Pants Down

September 9, 2013

Ownership and stability continue to make a difference. GMDM talked with Craig Morgan on Saturday about his preliminary conversations with Radim Vrbata on a contract extension (Vrby is in his last year). Vrbata has already tested the waters and come back home to the Coyotes, in my mind yet another example of loyalty to the team coming into play. Is there another team in the NHL, especially one without a dynasty level of performance, that enjoys the same loyalty from it’s players? Nope. Click here to read Craig’s piece and note that master negotiating gunslinger Maloney says the guy he’s negotiating with DIDN’T MAKE ENOUGH MONEY on his last contract.

There’s more to life than hockey, and there’s more to racing than highly financed and often spoiled with privilege teams and drivers. You want grassroots racing that’s as real as it comes and approachable enough for YOU to do it if you have the glands? Rallying is the thing.

There’s more to life than hockey, there’s also ripping hot laps (at 100+ mph) of the Nurburgring in a production Porsche 918 Spyder at record speed. Oh yeah, the 918 is also (sort of) a hybrid you can drive in electric only mode if you wish.

September 8, 2013

There’s still TWO WEEKS to RSVP for the party / victory celebration / inline hockey / street hockey / beer and hot dogs thing on Saturday, September 21 from 7-10 at the inline rink at Bonsall Park in Glendale. Yes it’s free, even the beer (until it runs out). It will be a lot of fun, if you don’t skate, wear your sneakers and play some street hockey. If you have any extra hockey gear you don’t mind people using or you’d like to donate to Desert Hockey Development, please bring it along. Sure, you can just show up without an ESVP, but we’d really like to have an idea how many people will be coming.

Really, you should come. Click here for more info and a brief form.

The new Coyotes campaign kicks off with a great commercial. It airs for the first time on a Cardinals game telecast and the Cards scored in two plays. Coincidence?

We had a great time at the Glendale First! get together / victory celebration / bowlorama yesterday. There was a great turnout of Tricky CLams and we discovered a few of them qualify to be ringers in a bowling league. It’s a great group of people, so thank you Ken Jones for making sure we all found each other.

September 7, 2013

Rookie Camp (Dave Vest/Phoenix Coyotes)
Rookie Camp (Dave Vest/Phoenix Coyotes)

It’s the first day of Coyotes rookie camp. There is plenty to be proven, there’s slots up for grabs.

Mikkel Boedker finally is locked up with the Coyotes for another couple years. He didn’t get the money or the contract term he wanted, and maybe the Coyotes got a discount deal THIS time. Why? Last season wasn’t good for Boeds, he started strong and then disappeared from the scoring sheets. You hand that kind of ammunition to a GM gunslinger like Don Maloney and it’s going to hurt.

That said, we ALL expect Boeds to come through, we ALL know that when he hits his stride he will be lighting the lamp regularly. Next contract, he’ll be the one with the ammo and GMDM will have to reach for his wallet. He’s so much fun to watch on the ice, explosive speed and maybe Ribeiro feeding him pucks at the right time will make a huge difference for the Coyotes this year.

It’s a great time to be on the Coyotes team and a great time to be a fan.

Here’s Craig Morgan’s piece and here’s Sarah McClellan’s.

It’s a big day for 50 or so Glendale First! thugs and Trickey Clams celebrating four wins and enjoying some camaraderie, pizza, wings, bowling and beverages. Thanks to all of you for being there when it counted and being willing to be the boots on the ground. It’s been a trying but rewarding experience, hopefully we can somehow continue to harness that spirit into the future.

September 6, 2013

NAILED IT! “…coach that we’d follow to Hell and back…” in the preview of the Coyotes “Hungrier Than Ever” ad that mysteriously became “private” on YouTube after briefly making the rounds.

The Coyotes are stepping up for the Granite Mountain Hotshots that lost their lives in the Yarnell Hill fire in June. As most people in Arizona know, there’s some controversy over the “seasonal” nature of these guys and it will affect their families far into the future. So, where there are gaps in what’s right and what’s legal, private citizens can step up and make the difference.

Ice Arizona is matching ticket sales, and tickets are only $5 to come to and see NHL hockey. Even if you can’t make it, a quick trip to Ticketmaster (click here) or a text “Coyotes” to 68494 will help out some people that have earned our respect and can use the help.

September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Donald Michael “Slip” Maloney, long may you run!

Please attend the intrasquad scrimmage at the arena at 7pm on September 18 for the benefit of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Tickets are only $5 and Ice Arizona will be matching the ticket sales. Sweaters will be auctioned off to benefit the families as well, and firefighters will be there selling lapel pins for the same cause.

Buy a couple tickets even if you can’t make the scrimmage, it’s good for you. Click here for more information.

September 3, 2013


(Norm Hall - Phoenix Coyotes)
(Norm Hall – Phoenix Coyotes)

We hear the ice is going in at arena today and another winger that isn’t Boedker has been invited to training camp for a tryout.

You also need to show up for the celebratory skating laughing eating drinking party in Glendale on September 21. Since there’s no “official” party scheduled anywhere, why now show up at our completely unsanctioned but guaranteed fun party, bring your inline skates if you have them or your sneakers (for street hockey) and have some fun. Click here for details.