Coyotes Win Again

Judge Fink published his ruling yesterday (June 27), handing the Goldwater Institute another defeat in their pursuit of the Coyotes. Unfortunately for their recruited plaintiffs Joe Cobb and Ken Jones, they are left holding the bag for court and attorneys fees, I’m sure their water bills will pale in comparison.

Goldwater’s spinmeisters were distracted by the Supreme Court decision upholding the spectre of ObamaCare, but they did offer their take on the decision and the ongoing efforts of Ken and Joe to gather enough signatures on their referendum petition. Goldwater opined that they have an additional week or so to complete their task, an opinion also voiced by Joe Cobb at the previous evening’s Tea Party extravaganza at Denny’s, where he assured the room that the AZ Secretary of State assured him they had until July 16.

I disagree, but it’s late so the facts can wait until tomorrow.

Keep the faith, Coyotes brothers and sisters.