Hey Giblin – Get Bent Again

Arizona Republic's Paul Giblin

Arizona Republic’s Paul Giblin

Raw class.

This isn’t the first in the Get Bent series for Paul, click here for one from a bit over a year ago or search these pages for “Giblin”.

Giblin manages to eclipse his well known flippancy and lack of decorum. He certainly ignores many of the standards listed by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Nobody condones the actions detailed in the story Giblin linked to, doing his part to promote clicks to his company website.

Giblin’s boss, Pat Flannery (pat.flannery@arizonarepublic.com), dismissed Giblin’s comment as an attempt at humor. He disagreed with the contention a reporter should maintain a level of impartiality that his subordinate refuses to display. Flannery even offered his own joke playing on the “poor taste” complaint with a comment that “biting a cop is also in poor taste.”

People familiar with the Coyotes over the years are familiar with Giblin and his dislike for Glendale politics and the hockey team and some were glad when he was removed from his post in Glendale.

He’s entitled to his opinions and he’s entitled to write whatever he wishes, although opinion pieces should be labelled as such when posted.

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