Open Letter to Shane Doan from a Kings Fan

Here’s a cut and paste from a Kings fans Facebook post about our Captain:

An open note to Shane Doan

Hi Shane;

I just wanted to drop you a genuine note of appreciation from a Kings fan. I’m not thrilled about how you pretty much single handedly beat us yesterday in game 4, but I couldn’t be happier with the wonderful class and sportsmanship you exhibited before the game began.

My seats are on the glass in the visitors end of the rink, and I was really appalled at some of the horrible things people were saying to (yelling at) you before the game. You’ve always played us very tough, but also for the most part cleanly. Your devastating hit on Trevor Lewis two games prior was clearly as much his fault as it was yours. It was inexcusable for some of the LA fans to treat you so miserably. (I’ll certainly boo on occasion, but expletive laced vitriol is inexcusable, especially with the number of young kids present. )

Not only did you take it all in stride like a professional, but in the midst of this, you tried to hand a puck over the glass to a small kid standing in front of me. When the puck bounced off the glass and back into the rink, those same angry fans started riding you even for that. (no good deed goes unpunished) You then skated away. To my surprise, you showed back up a moment later with another puck, and this time you made sure it got over the glass to that little boy.

It was quite a gesture, and it spoke volumes about the kind of man you are to be able to be that kind and considerate in the face of such nastiness. I’ve always respected you as an opponent to be reckoned with on the ice, but from now on, I’m also a very big fan of the guy inside the uniform. You’re a true leader, a great player, and most important… a fine person.

Pro sports and the world in general need a lot more Shane Doans!

God bless.
Drew Gross   (still a Kings fan!)


  1. Stephanie says:

    Awesome letter Drew, that is why we love Shane Doan. A kind person with a lions heart. Coyote Hockey we are a community not just a sporting event. Thank you Drew for showing that you also are a good person. 🙂

    • LenerT ..yes, refs and linesmen are eetluaavd throughout the year and during the playoffs. They use computer video as teams do, to go over their mistakes with their superiors. If an incident happens in a game, sometime after the game is over, the officials will go over the incident with their superiors to make sure things were handled correctly. If handled incorrectly, things will be addressed, too. Refs and linesmen get eetluaavd on everything from understanding and interpreting the rule book, to skating skills and on ice communication. They have camps every year that they must attend, too. Only the BEST refs and linesmen get to participate in the post season games. The guys you see in the NHL are the best of the best. Period.Even at the collegiate and high school level, the game is extremely fast and violent, at times. Yes, even those refs get eetluaavd. Most of the time, your decision has to be QUICK and DEFINITIVE. It is the toughest job in sports, without question. You also have to be in excellent physical shape to keep up with the pace of the game.Remember, most, or all of the refs and linesmen were highly drafted hockey players that just couldn’t make it to the next level. These guys all know the game and what happens on the ice. I know a few NHL linesman and they all take their job very seriously and are proud of what they do.Everyone on here was calling for the head of the linesman who was closest to Hossa when Hossa was hit. The truth is this: When you are that close to an incident like that it is tough to see everything that happens, that fast. You’re better off to be some distance away so you can get a better visual on what exactly happened. As far as the other officials, there is no way that you can see everything on the ice, all the time. Remember, they don’t have the advantage of slow motion, either.I will tell you this, believe me, after that game, all those officials had a meeting with their superiors about that hit. Remember the game in Pittsburgh with all the fights? The league put their foot down the next day and changed the protocol for fighting penalties and majors. The league knows how hard it is to call a game.The next time you want to curse out a ref, remember this ..they don’t make players salaries, they get injured just like players, they don’t get to take a shift off and sit on the bench, they have to make the right call all the time and, believe me when I say this, THEY KNOW WHEN THEY SCREW UP!!Without the refs, there is NO GAME!! LOL.