Moody’s Upgrade NOT Related to Arena Deal

A June 15 article from Mike Sunnucks in the Phoenix Business Journal entitled “Glendale gets credit rating love after canceling $225M Arizona Coyotes contract” is actually false. If the Phoenix Business Journal, somehow, became interested in factual headlines, they would change it to: “Glendale gets ratings love BEFORE canceling $225M Arizona Coyotes contract” But, they won’t. Moody’s […]

Renaissance and Glendale Discussing Arena

One of the principals of Renaissance Sports and Entertainment, Anthony LeBlanc, is scheduled to be in Glendale today to meet with Glendale interim (is everybody “interim” or “acting” over there?) City Manager Dick Bowers and (I believe) Executive Communication Director Julie Frisoni. Hey You Can’t Look The main topic of conversation will surely be the […]

Glendale Wants Reinsdorf

Glendale finally released their Request For Proposals (RFP) for managing their city owned arena. Bids must all be submitted to Beacon Sports Capital by May 24, 2013 with everything signed, sealed and delivered by July 1, 2013. Tick tock. If you’d like to read the RFP, it’s not too long or complex (it even has pictures for the […]

Glendale Fiddles

The City of Glendale is visibly stalled in their attempt to find a new arena manager that also will own the Phoenix Coyotes. While the shortened season is rapidly drawing to a close, the city government has handed over their responsibility to an outside company with no public debate nor any mention of the cost of doing […]