Is This Milk Bad? Here, Take a Whiff!

July 4, 2012 Back again today with another chapter in the so far neverending saga of conservative “think tank” Goldwater Institute doing their level best to reduce to ashes a successful sale of the Phoenix Coyotes, a team run into bankruptcy by former Goldwater board member Jerry Moyes. Mr. Moyes was completely unable to run either a […]

Goldwater’s Plaintiff against Coyotes MAY Be Afoul of Federal Election Rules

I stand accused INTERNATIONALLY of being obsessed with the Coyotes and their fate in Glendale, AZ. Mea culpa, I am, as are more fans than the average person would believe. We are, hopefully, a force to be reckoned with especially now that we aren’t being distracted by another outstanding season turned in by our Coyotes. […]