Coyotes Rumor Roundup – June, 2013

June 30, 2013 In the interest of civic duty, I’ve added a link to the Arizona Secretary of State’s form for submitting an open meeting law violation complaint. Click here for the form. Why would you want that? Maybe you are unhappy that Ken Jones apparently received confidential information that had only been discussed in […]

Coyotes Rumor Roundup – May, 2013

May 31, 2013 We Love This Guy (Phoenix Coyotes) Here we are at the last day of May and a deal for the Coyotes has yet to be consummated. What’s the rush? It’s spelled T-I-P-P-E-T-T. Despite Don Maloney extending his contract with the team, my guess (based on published actual words from actual knowledgeable mouths) […]

Coyotes Rumor Roundup – Apr. 2013

April 30, 2013 The Coyotes announced the signing of a new long term deal with General Manager Don Maloney, strengthening the belief that a resolution to the Coyotes playing in Glendale is also near. The next deal we all hope to see come to fruition is a similar one with Head Coach Dave Tippett. Click […]

Coyotes Rumor Roundup – Mar. 2013

March 29, 2013 Okay GREAT GAME last night, Coyotes! So, WE keep saying there’s investors interested in the Coyotes and NOTHING! Gary Bettman says there’s investors and all of a sudden IT’S NEWS?!? What up with THAT? Sure, we’re always glad when the local media catches up to this hobby blog with their information, but […]