Temporary Truce for Glendale Boycott

Sometimes cooler heads should prevail and take a step back from an obvious action. The obvious, and completely legitimate, reaction to the ill-advised June 9 actions of the Glendale City Council is to boycott every merchant in Glendale to hit the sales tax revenue of the city. Maybe it’s premature. Grounds For Divorce On June 9, the Glendale […]

Here We Go Again

ANOTHER CITY COUNCIL MEETING IN GLENDALE?!? Seriously, just when you thought the only problems you had to worry about as a Coyotes fan related to subpar on-ice performance and who will be the draft pick. Nope, Glendale is considering voiding their contract with IceArizona, they’ll be voting to push it forward tonight (June 10) at a […]

Hey Giblin – Get Bent Again

If only #Glendale taxpayers gave the #Coyotes more money, the team could afford announcers that don’t bite cops: http://t.co/0iRanxCWbZ — Paul Giblin (@PaulGiblinAriz) March 27, 2015 Raw class. This isn’t the first in the Get Bent series for Paul, click here for one from a bit over a year ago or search these pages for […]

Trollfail – Part Three

In Part Two, we mentioned the Arizona Coyotes decided on January 8 they had enough of the Twitter haranguing from @AZSportsHub. I assume there were meetings and phone conversations before the following Tweet was published. FYI #Coyotes fans: There is absolutely no truth to anything @SportsHubAZ reports. But we found his source… pic.twitter.com/MkypqkcH7p — Arizona Coyotes (@ArizonaCoyotes) January […]