Let’s Start The Game On Time

I’m no hockey expert. Regardless, I have formulated some opinions about why Coyotes are sliding down the NHL standings. Let’s forget, for now, discipline brain farts like those that, last night, gave the best team in the NHL a 5 on 3 advantage in the first couple minutes of the game. Let’s ignore a weird dive in faceoff win […]

Coyotes? It’s All In The Family

An interesting tidbit lost in the free agent frenzy? With the departure of Daniel Alfredsson from the Ottawa Senators, our own Captain Shane Doan is the longest tenured Captain (always capital “C” for Doaner) in the NHL. Adding to the panache of Doaner’s new status is that, like Alfredsson, he had the chance to bail out on […]

How To Miss The NHL Playoffs

Before you get your shorts in a bunch, I don’t think the Coyotes are dead until they’re dead. That said, the math to make the NHL playoffs this year became more challenging after the loss to the Red Wings on Monday, the sixth loss in a row. We didn’t attend this game, after what turned […]

Coyotes Season On The Downhill Run

The end of the lockout shortened season is closing in and the Coyotes aren’t ready. The downhill run to the playoffs is in full swing and the Coyotes will have a shorter season than usual if they don’t pick up the pace right now. While they are only two points out of the playoffs today, the trend […]