Westgate Parking Garage

There are plans afoot for Glendale to build a $46 million Westgate parking garage. Critics of the parking garage project abound, after all that’s a bunch of money being spent in an area where a bunch of money has already been spent. Many of the critics aren’t aware of or choose to ignore the history […]

Glendale Budget – Inter-Fund Loan Balance Disappears

The Glendale City Council approved the upcoming budget with a 5-2 vote. It’s a “balanced budget”, soon to be flashed around like a badge of honor in upcoming re-election bids by at least two of the people that voted for it. The major component of the current budget strategy involved removing, from the liability side, $39M of loans made […]

Watch Your Six – Part Final

November 26, 2012 Here we sit on the eve of yet another momentous vote on the Coyotes sale and their future. It’s a busy day, so only a couple things to cover. Phil Lieberman’s Seat We figured there would be a push to seat the new council member for disappearing Phil’s Cactus district seat. Now […]

Designing The Coyotes Mess 2

November 23, 2012 Yesterday we started running through an odd email sent to all the Glendale city council members and the mayor by “Ricky Gill” regarding the “real” story about the Coyotes and their saga, beginning before Jerry Moyes took the team to bankruptcy court. The email alleges some of the “real” reasons behind the […]