Eight Days A Week For Coyotes

The next eight days are important to the future of the Coyotes in Glendale, culminating in a likely Glendale City Council vote on Tuesday, July 2. This time last year, we had our annual family vacation plans all worked out. We were worried we would miss the victory party for the consummated sale of the Phoenix […]

Goldwater Hopes Misguided

As we wind down 2012, the arena management agreement between the City of Glendale and Hockey Partners is approved, signed and delivered. That’s another giant step toward the Coyotes bright future in Glendale completed successfully. The R-12-02 referendum halfhearted and error laden attempt by Ken Jones and Francine Romesburg followed the similarly error filled R-12-01 attempt into failure, this time they didn’t even […]

Viral Misinformation

December 27, 2012 Yesterday we had the pleasure of yet another blog entry from Mike Sunnucks on the Phoenix Business Journal web site with his typical anti-Coyotes slant. We’re all used to it by now, and can predict the timeline of how things will progress during the day after Mike hits the “publish” button. Somebody […]

Grumpy Coyotes Grinches

Hey it’s the holiday season and we’re supposed to be festive all up in this joint, aren’t we? Some people, they just have to get their Grinchy Grump on. It seems as if the Jones family has a bone to pick with my family, I suppose me in particular. We disagree on may things, I’m […]