Bettman: Coyotes Are Staying In Glendale

Punxsutawney Phil has a pressure filled job; lots of people believe him, lots of people don’t believe him, others use his predictions and twist them to meet their own agenda, people often call him a glorified rat and he has cameras and mics jammed in his face every time he pops his head above ground. Phil, meet Gary. Groundhog Day In […]

Tough Audience

February 7, 2013 Here we are, a week past the City of Glendale deadline for Hockey Partners to consummate their purchase of the Coyotes from the NHL and close the arena agreement. We all know the deadline came and went, so it’s back to cliff edge surfing for the Phoenix Coyotes and their fans. It’s […]

Another Doaner Post

January 10, 2013 BONUS: Click here for Doaner Game of Thrones background for your device courtesy The Shadowy One. BONUS: Click here for Coyotes players reactions to Todd Walsh regarding Shane’s role in the CBA. BONUS: Click here for Doaner talking with hockey reporter types early in the morning in NYC. My admiration for Shane […]

The Dangerfielding of Shane Doan

Phoenix Coyotes staff, coaches, players and fans have come to be used to the derision and lack of respect directed at them by hockey fans, particularly the elitist brand from Canada. It’s sometimes entertaining to bait the anti-Coyotes trolls that inhabit the social media outlets of the Internet. To be honest, some of the lack […]