Rules Aren’t for Hirsch

You would think receiving a letter that levied a $75,000 fine against your organization would get your attention and maintain it for awhile. In the case of the chairman and treasurer of three Glendale political committees? Not so much. File The Reports Independent expenditure (IE) and political action committees (PAC) must file campaign finance reports for every […]

Wow, That’s A Stretch!

Glendale First!, Bea Wyatt, and I (among others) were the subject of a recent derogatory blog post punctuated by a plethora of question marks. When you’re in public life, the best advice is clearly to ignore inflammatory personal posts, to let them enjoy a couple days of extra clicks as they fade back into the background noise. “Discipline over […]

Hirsch Monologue Ignores Facts

Glendale mayor Weiers opened the citizen comment portion (3:55 on video) of the June 23 Glendale (AZ) City Council meeting explaining the comment rules, including: Personal attacks against councilmembers, city staff, are just simply are not allowed. He continues: We will have a time limit tonight so it’s three minutes per person, we have a timer up […]

Glendale Open Meeting Law Violation

There’s been a run of fingers pointed in many directions at Glendale City Hall. It was always like that, probably every city of similar size has similar personal clashes. One of the favorite weapons is registering open meeting law violation complaints. Why? They’re free, and the rules are actually a little vague. It’s hard to do […]