Second Anti-Casino PAC Likely To Be Fined $65k

One of the political action committees (PACs) opposing the Tohono O’dham casino in Glendale is likely to follow the tracks of their “sister” PAC and be fined by Glendale, according to a letter from the Glendale City Clerk. Reasonable Cause A campaign finance reporting complaint was lodged by this author on October 6 against “No More Bad […]

Anti-Casino PACs Lose Lawsuit, File Appeal

Two political action committees (PACs) in Glendale, AZ filed a lawsuit against the City of Glendale on September 22 (CV2014-011334). The PACs were seeking an order to force the city to accept the giant stacks of expensive petitions the PACs circulated in opposition to two City Council actions regarding the proposed Tohono O’odham (TO) casino. The city had rejected the […]

Anti-Casino PAC Fined $75k For Campaign Finance Violations

The City of Glendale Arizona’s Attorney’s Office has notified the attorney (click here) representing a Glendale, AZ political action committee (PAC) of a $75,000.00 fine levied against them for violating State of Arizona campaign finance statutes. One Pocket To Another Pocket In The Same Pants Campaign finance laws are intended to protect the public from abuses of the […]

Lawyer: My Clients Were Ignorant of the Law

The bulk of the fines three political committees in Glendale are liable for (click for original story) are related to Arizona election law statutes that require reporting of large contributions and expenditures within 24 hours. The Glendale City Clerk refers to them as “10k notices”. Two of the committees are pushing referendums to negate two Glendale City […]