Reality Hits You Hard, Bro

Let’s get the title reference out of the way, click here for the YouTube where an Arizona resident reminds us that, sometimes, reality hits you hard, bro. The realities that hit you hard in this matter are convoluted but not complex. Aggressive Council Moves The City of Glendale City Council voted 5-2 to negate an […]

Glendale Public Speaking Violation for Harris?

We offered some answers to some narrowly celebrated criticism levelled by Justin Harris against Glendale First! involvement in recall activities for Glendale councilmembers Tolmachoff and Turner. He objected to wording in the 200 word summary on the recall petitions that emphasized the lack of public safety spending and poor response times. Officially Representing Glendale Police Mr. Harris is a Glendale police […]

Hirsch Monologue Ignores Facts

Glendale mayor Weiers opened the citizen comment portion (3:55 on video) of the June 23 Glendale (AZ) City Council meeting explaining the comment rules, including: Personal attacks against councilmembers, city staff, are just simply are not allowed. He continues: We will have a time limit tonight so it’s three minutes per person, we have a timer up […]