Second Anti-Casino PAC Likely To Be Fined $65k

One of the political action committees (PACs) opposing the Tohono O’dham casino in Glendale is likely to follow the tracks of their “sister” PAC and be fined by Glendale, according to a letter from the Glendale City Clerk. Reasonable Cause A campaign finance reporting complaint was lodged by this author on October 6 against “No More Bad […]

Sherwood Recall Effort Advances Sloppily

Anna Lee, the chairperson of the “Recall Councilman Gary Sherwood Committee” (RCGS), submitted completed petition sheets to the Glendale City Clerk on Friday, December 19. She was presented with a receipt. Kill The Casino The stated purpose of the Sherwood recall is because of accusations of purported open meeting law shenanigans and other things, summarized by the final […]

Dark Money Into The Toilet

Money makes things happen in politics. Recent rule changes for campaign finance reporting have thrown open the doors for gigantic anonymous contributions. Predictably, “dark money” has since been firehosing into the coffers of candidates and causes nationwide. Glendale (AZ) is having a great view of what present and future election cycles will be. Background The Glendale […]

Glendale City Hall Salaries

There’s plenty of ways to adjust the Glendale budget without cutting corners. We could each buy ourselves a hockey team if we got a nickel for every time we heard something about cutting budget corners in Glendale to “pay for hockey” from people content with ignoring the real world cost of a municipal sport venue. So is there any overspending […]