Wow, That’s A Stretch!

Glendale First!, Bea Wyatt, and I (among others) were the subject of a recent derogatory blog post punctuated by a plethora of question marks. When you’re in public life, the best advice is clearly to ignore inflammatory personal posts, to let them enjoy a couple days of extra clicks as they fade back into the background noise. “Discipline over […]

Glendale Budget – Inter-Fund Loan Balance Disappears

The Glendale City Council approved the upcoming budget with a 5-2 vote. It’s a “balanced budget”, soon to be flashed around like a badge of honor in upcoming re-election bids by at least two of the people that voted for it. The major component of the current budget strategy involved removing, from the liability side, $39M of loans made […]

Glendale City Council Recall Effort

Four sets of recall packets were retrieved from the Glendale City Clerk yesterday (June 15, 2015) afternoon by Glendale resident Larry Feiner. Mr. Feiner stood up at the June 10 City Council meeting and expressed his displeasure with the direction of Council. Go to the video (click here) and Mr. Feiner appears at 1:03:09. This preliminary […]

Temporary Truce for Glendale Boycott

Sometimes cooler heads should prevail and take a step back from an obvious action. The obvious, and completely legitimate, reaction to the ill-advised June 9 actions of the Glendale City Council is to boycott every merchant in Glendale to hit the sales tax revenue of the city. Maybe it’s premature. Grounds For Divorce On June 9, the Glendale […]