Dark Money Into The Toilet

Money makes things happen in politics. Recent rule changes for campaign finance reporting have thrown open the doors for gigantic anonymous contributions. Predictably, “dark money” has since been firehosing into the coffers of candidates and causes nationwide. Glendale (AZ) is having a great view of what present and future election cycles will be. Background The Glendale […]

Hey Paul Giblin – Get Bent

If you thought we were shut of Paul Giblin when he moved away from the Glendale beat, you were mistaken. He’s back. There was a piece today (March 13, 2014) targeting former Glendale City Attorney Craig Tindall, who has since taken a position with the Coyotes. For some reason, Giblin teamed up with Craig Harris […]

Because It’s Family

When Jerry Moyes walked into bankruptcy court with his Coyotes paperwork in his hand four years and two months ago, he started a new chapter in the history of the club. While there has since been a lot of success on the ice to celebrate, everything was tinged with tones of turmoil and uncertainty. A new chapter began […]

Eight Days A Week For Coyotes

The next eight days are important to the future of the Coyotes in Glendale, culminating in a likely Glendale City Council vote on Tuesday, July 2. This time last year, we had our annual family vacation plans all worked out. We were worried we would miss the victory party for the consummated sale of the Phoenix […]