Goldwater Hopes Misguided

As we wind down 2012, the arena management agreement between the City of Glendale and Hockey Partners is approved, signed and delivered. That’s another giant step toward the Coyotes bright future in Glendale completed successfully. The R-12-02 referendum halfhearted and error laden attempt by Ken Jones and Francine Romesburg followed the similarly error filled R-12-01 attempt into failure, this time they didn’t even […]

Gift Clause? Nope.

December 28, 2012 Now that the final attempt at a referendum to kill the Phoenix Coyotes has failed, there remain few hopes for the opponents of the Coyotes. Something that has been bandied about social media is the threat that Goldwater Institute will sue the City of Glendale once all parts of the sale of […]

Watch Your Six, Part III

November 10, 2012 We briefly discussed the reappearance of Ken Jones and his repeatedly stated intent of derailing the Coyotes deal. He and his then partner, Joe Cobb, tried once before waaaaay back in June of 2012. This blog is full of descriptions of their antics and those of their compatriots, the Goldwater Institute (GWI) who “represented” […]

Watch Your Six, Part II

November 9, 2012 Gather your beanbag chairs around the screen, boys and girls, and let’s try some predictions for the next couple weeks regarding our favorite hockey team, the Arizona Coyotes. There was a blog post this morning on a local business web site that was predictable. As faithful readers will remember, we predicted somebody […]