Bids To Glendale For Arena

Six million dollars a year is the number being politically bolstered through the local media by the City of Glendale as the amount they consider to be legitimate for managing their arena. It’s clear that, very soon, the NHL will be presenting the group allowed to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes. There is considerable jockeying in […]

Something In The Air

February 27, 2013 It would take a real “The Who” aficionado to have the song from one hit wonder Thunderclap Newman anywhere near the front of their brains, and I’m not that guy. You have Google, check out the band it’s an interesting story and not a bad song. Said song is running through my head this […]

Tough Audience

February 7, 2013 Here we are, a week past the City of Glendale deadline for Hockey Partners to consummate their purchase of the Coyotes from the NHL and close the arena agreement. We all know the deadline came and went, so it’s back to cliff edge surfing for the Phoenix Coyotes and their fans. It’s […]

Hockey The Hard Way

February 1, 2013 Here we are, most of us Coyotes fans woke up again this morning and are still breathing. Yesterday was a real blow to us all with the failure of Hockey Partners to consummate their deal with the NHL in time to meet the January 31 Glendale deadline. The reasons for this failure aren’t publicly […]