Skeete’s Swan Song

March 7, 2013 The clock is ticking down, apparently, on Glendale’s Acting City Manager Horatio Skeete. Skeete was the subject of a special meeting a couple days ago. By some accounts, his days as a city employee are numbered. It appears to be at least partially based in retaliation for the similar fate of Craig […]

Glendale Fiddles

The City of Glendale is visibly stalled in their attempt to find a new arena manager that also will own the Phoenix Coyotes. While the shortened season is rapidly drawing to a close, the city government has handed over their responsibility to an outside company with no public debate nor any mention of the cost of doing […]

Fiddling While Glendale Burns

March 4, 2013 The expiration date (January 31) for the Hockey Partners arena management agreement with the City of Glendale was over a month ago. Despite vague assurances from new mayor Jerry Weiers that he has “four people” interested in pursuing the arena agreement and the Coyotes, there has been no public verification beyond a couple statements in […]

Beacon Sports Capital Cagey

February 21, 2013 If you read my “Reruns In Glendale” post from a couple days ago, you’ll remember that some familiar players from the early days of the Coyotes fiasco have been quietly resurfacing around the edges of the current administration in Glendale. One of those players is Beacon Sports Capital Partners who have been, […]