Old Boys Network

February 25, 2013 All is quiet in Glendale as the Coyotes continue their slide through western Canada. Last year at this time, there was a potential buyer on the horizon and the Coyotes swept through the western Canadian teams like Sherman through Georgia. This year, that potential buyer has failed in his initial attempt to […]

Tough Audience

February 7, 2013 Here we are, a week past the City of Glendale deadline for Hockey Partners to consummate their purchase of the Coyotes from the NHL and close the arena agreement. We all know the deadline came and went, so it’s back to cliff edge surfing for the Phoenix Coyotes and their fans. It’s […]

Quacks Like A Duck

February 2, 2013 Glendale resident Thurston patted himself on the back at a recent Glendale City Council meeting about his fifteen minutes of fame he earned with his mocking “Quacks Like A Duck” act at an earlier meeting. It seems somehow appropriate to resurrect his expression one LAST (hopefully) time for today’s discussion about something […]