Moody’s Upgrade NOT Related to Arena Deal

A June 15 article from Mike Sunnucks in the Phoenix Business Journal entitled “Glendale gets credit rating love after canceling $225M Arizona Coyotes contract” is actually false. If the Phoenix Business Journal, somehow, became interested in factual headlines, they would change it to: “Glendale gets ratings love BEFORE canceling $225M Arizona Coyotes contract” But, they won’t. Moody’s […]

Note to Larry Brooks: Get Bent

On Saturday, December 6, Larry Brooks (@NYP_Brooksie) posted an opinion piece on the NY Post website, a noted bastion of journalistic ethics and snappy headlines. In it, the hockey business Sergeant Schultz of the tri-state area encourages the NJ Devils to throw their season to be in the hunt for a draft pick. He also […]

Note to David Shoalts: Get Bent

Some things never change. One is that the Stanley Cup seems to want to stay in the United States. Another is that David Shoalts will frequently return to the well of guaranteed partisan and enemy clicks with negative Arizona Coyotes stories. Also guaranteed? Actual facts aren’t that important to Shoalts. He’s pushed out a couple editorials in the Toronto Globe […]

Jason Rose Sues Coyotes Honchos

Jason Rose is back and starring in an AZ Republic piece. He’s not in his role as the trusted advisor to Glendale mayor Weiers helping with the anti-Coyotes project, among other things. He isn’t wearing his hat as the PR representative for the fabulously nutty Amy’s Baking Company. This time Jason’s wearing his polo tournament savior […]