Jason Rose Sues Coyotes Honchos

Jason Rose is back and starring in an AZ Republic piece. He’s not in his role as the trusted advisor to Glendale mayor Weiers helping with the anti-Coyotes project, among other things. He isn’t wearing his hat as the PR representative for the fabulously nutty Amy’s Baking Company. This time Jason’s wearing his polo tournament savior […]

Political Dirty Tricks In Glendale

Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers was making the media rounds recently (click here). Weiers was professing his innocence, defending himself against a flurry of accusations of delay and cronyism on his part. The assumption, veiled or otherwise, built into these accusations is that his moves were designed to derail the Rensaissance (RSE) arena management plan for Jobing.com arena. Some […]

Coyotes Bidders Are Serious

Taking the advice of a local PR boffin, we requested supporting information from the City of Glendale. New #PhoenixCoyotes bid serious barometer: how many times, if at all, met with #glendale mayor. — Jason Rose PR (@jasonrosepr) May 11, 2013 Maybe it would be more proper English to use “seriousness” rather than “serious” in describing a […]

Spin The Coyotes

What if you wanted Greg Jamison to go away? What if you managed to get a story published that made it appear Greg Jamison was begging for a deadline extension while providing public assurance his bid was likely to succeed? That would make him look bad, wouldn’t it? It would make it easier to later dismiss […]