If The Mouth Is Moving

If you haven’t seen the American version of “House of Cards” on Netflix, you should find a way to check it out. The parallels to real world US politics are chilling and it’s highly entertaining. Watch a couple episodes and you’ll be convinced that deception is the true art of politics. If a politician’s mouth is moving… It’s The Truth, […]

Jeff Flake IS Goldwater Institute

So, here we are, knee deep in yet another Goldwater Institute (GWI) lawsuit aimed squarely at the heads of the Coyotes and the City of Glendale (CoG). As of today, June 26, 2012, we are waiting for Judge Fink to document a ruling on the lawsuit brought against CoG by GWI on behalf of Joe […]

Putting the “Hip” in Hypocrite

June 24, 2012 It’s been fun to be the “tinfoil hat conspiracy theory” guy for the past week or so. It’s easy to dismiss the Goldwater “coincidences” as nothing more than that, even in the face of simple logic. One only has to go back to the original bankruptcy filing by Goldwater board member Jerry […]