Glendale Open Meeting Law Violation

There’s been a run of fingers pointed in many directions at Glendale City Hall. It was always like that, probably every city of similar size has similar personal clashes. One of the favorite weapons is registering open meeting law violation complaints. Why? They’re free, and the rules are actually a little vague. It’s hard to do […]

Here We Go Again

ANOTHER CITY COUNCIL MEETING IN GLENDALE?!? Seriously, just when you thought the only problems you had to worry about as a Coyotes fan related to subpar on-ice performance and who will be the draft pick. Nope, Glendale is considering voiding their contract with IceArizona, they’ll be voting to push it forward tonight (June 10) at a […]

Jason Rose Sues Coyotes Honchos

Jason Rose is back and starring in an AZ Republic piece. He’s not in his role as the trusted advisor to Glendale mayor Weiers helping with the anti-Coyotes project, among other things. He isn’t wearing his hat as the PR representative for the fabulously nutty Amy’s Baking Company. This time Jason’s wearing his polo tournament savior […]

One Way Transparency

Here we are again, boys and girls. There was so much material in the dirty tricks basket that I had to split it up into parts. This is part two. Click here for part one. We’re talking about Glendale and the handling of the arena management deal with IceArizona (the DBA type name for the […]