Skeete’s Swan Song

March 7, 2013 The clock is ticking down, apparently, on Glendale’s Acting City Manager Horatio Skeete. Skeete was the subject of a special meeting a couple days ago. By some accounts, his days as a city employee are numbered. It appears to be at least partially based in retaliation for the similar fate of Craig […]

Quacks Like A Duck

February 2, 2013 Glendale resident Thurston patted himself on the back at a recent Glendale City Council meeting about his fifteen minutes of fame he earned with his mocking “Quacks Like A Duck” act at an earlier meeting. It seems somehow appropriate to resurrect his expression one LAST (hopefully) time for today’s discussion about something […]

Watch Your Six – Part Final

November 26, 2012 Here we sit on the eve of yet another momentous vote on the Coyotes sale and their future. It’s a busy day, so only a couple things to cover. Phil Lieberman’s Seat We figured there would be a push to seat the new council member for disappearing Phil’s Cactus district seat. Now […]