Watch Your Six, Part III

November 10, 2012 We briefly discussed the reappearance of Ken Jones and his repeatedly stated intent of derailing the Coyotes deal. He and his then partner, Joe Cobb, tried once before waaaaay back in June of 2012. This blog is full of descriptions of their antics and those of their compatriots, the Goldwater Institute (GWI) who “represented” […]

Goldwater Institute Blows It

July 24, 2012 Early in the morning, deep in the Sawtooth Wilderness of Idaho during the twilight hours normally reserved for the dark struggles of nocturnal hunters and their prey, our hero the aging yet young at heart curmudgeon awakes with a startling realization that promises to ruin his much needed vacation slumber for the balance of the […]

Too Little, Too Late, Too Mistakey

I have spent the last day recalibrating my Nostradamusmeter, somehow it’s off several clicks because I didn’t see this coming, not with these parameters at least. Ken Jones and Joe Cobb turned in their petition for referendum R-12-01 to the Glendale City Clerk yesterday, July 12. They managed to collect 1,568 signatures instead of the 1,862 required. […]

Cobb Says Voters Don’t Matter, AT ALL!

As the petition signing for the anti-Coyotes petition (yes, that’s what I’m going to call it from now on) continues, the rap of Ken Jones and Joe Cobb when soliciting signatures has morphed over time to fit their needs. The first idea they were using was along the lines of “Libraries or Coyotes”, stating that […]