Coyotes Bidders Are Serious

Taking the advice of a local PR boffin, we requested supporting information from the City of Glendale. New #PhoenixCoyotes bid serious barometer: how many times, if at all, met with #glendale mayor. — Jason Rose PR (@jasonrosepr) May 11, 2013 Maybe it would be more proper English to use “seriousness” rather than “serious” in describing a […]

Designing The Coyotes Mess 2

November 23, 2012 Yesterday we started running through an odd email sent to all the Glendale city council members and the mayor by “Ricky Gill” regarding the “real” story about the Coyotes and their saga, beginning before Jerry Moyes took the team to bankruptcy court. The email alleges some of the “real” reasons behind the […]

Who Designed The Coyotes Mess?

November 22, 2012 – Thanksgiving There are many weird questions that haven’t been answered and many more that haven’t even been yet asked about the Coyotes in Glendale. While the drama goes back well past the bankruptcy declaration from Jerry Moyes, around that time is when things that look and smell funny begin to really […]