Grumpy Coyotes Grinches

Hey it’s the holiday season and we’re supposed to be festive all up in this joint, aren’t we? Some people, they just have to get their Grinchy Grump on. It seems as if the Jones family has a bone to pick with my family, I suppose me in particular. We disagree on may things, I’m […]

Deja Vu All Over Again

December 13, 2012 The City of Glendale has sent a letter dated December 12, 2012 to the “Back To Sanity” (BTS) people explaining that their referendum documentation for R12-02 (to bring the arena lease to a public vote) is wrong. Click here to read it. The letter explains that a copy of the full text of the measure to […]

Cheap Shots

Sunday, December 9, 2012 Ken Jones and Francine Romesburg are adding a new flavor to the meaning of the word “bait”. While Francine relented after initially not allowing entrance of a person we know into her Wednesday “public welcome” Tea Party meeting at Denny’s, he and his daughter decided to go elsewhere after doing a head count of […]

Watch Your Six – Tea Bagger Edition

December 1, 2012, Here we are four days after the arena lease agreement between the City of Glendale and Hockey Partners was voted “in”. As predicted way back in “Watch Your Six – Part III“, there will be petitions circulated to obtain a referendum to kill the arena lease deal. Since my Nostradamicator was fully functional back then […]