Cockroaches: Come To The Light!

There is a strange obsession with the Coyotes that a group of disturbed Canadians have, they express their obsession nearly constantly on Twitter, Facebook and Internet bulletin boards dedicated to their negative fascination with the Coyotes. Some are rational, many more are semi-rational and many are disturbed enough to personally attack people such as Glendale […]

Watch Your Six, Part II

November 9, 2012 Gather your beanbag chairs around the screen, boys and girls, and let’s try some predictions for the next couple weeks regarding our favorite hockey team, the Arizona Coyotes. There was a blog post this morning on a local business web site that was predictable. As faithful readers will remember, we predicted somebody […]

Watch Your Six, Coyotes

November 14, 2012 By now we all know that Joyce Clark has lost her city council seat to a guy that can neither pronounce library nor do the simple math on a campaign report. I mean, really, it’s just addition and subtraction. That’s a bad thing for the City of Glendale. What’s better than “Neil […]