Moody’s Upgrade NOT Related to Arena Deal

A June 15 article from Mike Sunnucks in the Phoenix Business Journal entitled “Glendale gets credit rating love after canceling $225M Arizona Coyotes contract” is actually false. If the Phoenix Business Journal, somehow, became interested in factual headlines, they would change it to: “Glendale gets ratings love BEFORE canceling $225M Arizona Coyotes contract” But, they won’t. Moody’s […]

Vegas Wants Hockey – Ticket Prices

The proposed season ticket price plans for the Las Vegas NHL hockey team are public. Season ticket deposits will be accepted starting at $150 per seat, fully refundable if the organization isn’t awarded an NHL team. The following email hit the inbox at the Nebulous Verbosity international corporate headquarters today: George, Thank you for your […]

NHL Hockey in Las Vegas – Ticket Sales

There’s a season ticket drive unofficially underway for an NHL team that doesn’t exist yet. It will be “official” in a week. This has happened at least a couple times before. Nashville Predators Jim Balsillie had been approved by the NHL Board of Governors as the new owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2006. When it was […]

Price Of NHL Retribution? Goons Welcome

Bruins forward Shawn Thornton has been suspended by the NHL for 15 games. In the hockey community, opinions are mixed. Some, mostly Boston homers, think he should have received less. It seems the majority consider it fair. I may be alone in thinking 15 games isn’t close to being enough, if for no other reason than it’s not the longest […]