Coyotes Facts Are Easy To Find

My dad’s been gone for years now, and I spent more father’s days at the races in Loudon than I did at home, but happy Father’s Day, Dad. I should have appreciated the job you did raising three kids more, because it isn’t easy. Happy Father’s Day to our kids that gave me the opportunity to take a shot […]

Coyotes: The Pastor Bid

Yesterday was another big news day for Coyotes fans, although once again it had nothing to do with actual hockey. Rest assured there are more big days and more surprises coming over the next few weeks. Probably big surprises. Hopefully POSITIVE ones, of course. The news yesterday was Darin Pastor’s group submitted their finalized bid for […]

The Cow Says “AMULA”

I’ve been speculating for awhile the NHL could decide to hold Glendale to an Agreement of Management, Use and Lease (AMUL) that could be significantly LESS beneficial to the City than any agreement they’ve currently negotiated with prospective owners. Certainly less beneficial than the agreement worked out with Hockey Partners (the Jamison group). I didn’t […]

Coyotes Glendale Challenge

The math for the Coyotes making the playoffs for the fourth straight year is daunting. The teams above them in the standings continue to either win or be involved in “three point games”, overtime where even the losing team gets a point. The Coyotes have lately been winning games and doing their job, their ultimate […]