Obamacare Lesson Coming in Minnesota

Minnesota is preparing a state plan to deliver health insurance premium assistance to citizens adversely effected by premium spikes for 2017 ACA plans. This is a good thing, a response to a real problem that may impact 120,000 Minnesotans. If one is astute and wants to actually do the work necessary to read the actual […]

Watch Out Old Folks – Your Health Care is in Jeopardy

The people have spoken and close to a majority of voters in the United States voted to see the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”, “Obamacare”) health care solution repealed and replaced the day Donald Trump is sworn in as President. Only a dolt would believe that’s actually possible given the millions of people that would be adversely […]

Obamacare – Much better coverage, much better price

In an earlier post (click here), I detailed my experience working through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace. It was positive. Slanted Anecdotes We’ve all read/heard/watched plenty of “Obamacare” pieces from left and right sources ad nauseum. Before the last Presidential election, it was already past time where real information was available from ANY outlet. So we pick a side, pick […]