Hey Giblin – Get Bent Again

If only #Glendale taxpayers gave the #Coyotes more money, the team could afford announcers that don’t bite cops: http://t.co/0iRanxCWbZ — Paul Giblin (@PaulGiblinAriz) March 27, 2015 Raw class. This isn’t the first in the Get Bent series for Paul, click here for one from a bit over a year ago or search these pages for […]

Pardon, Sir, Your Bias Is Showing

The vote to approve the arena management deal between Glendale and IceArizona occurred on July 2, 2013. Glendale Councilmember Gary Sherwood recorded an appearance for broadcast on PBS Arizona Horizon the next day and and Arizona Republic reporter Paul Giblin appeared in studio. Click here for the video. It was an interesting show. Sherwood’s Segment […]